Friday, April 9, 2010

A week in review

One week down, a few more weeks to go.
I hope I'm making every breed you were hoping for?
Some breeds are harder to make than others, like the poodles. And then there are some breeds I've tried to make that have turned out so so UGLY!
I have a little pile of ugly dog beads that will be heading to Beads of Courage. I figures the kids may enjoy them and if nothing else they will get a good laugh! I'll also include some "cute" dogs to go with them too.

I do have a question...I know I've made more dogs than cats (I'm a dog person, shh don't tell our cat this) But my question is: Should I be making more cats? Or do you like 4 dogs to 1 cat ratio?

I've been working on back orders this week so I didn't get a lot of play time, but I managed to make a couple things (Beachy) that I'll put on Etsy later today. I have a (much needed) hair cut appointment later this morning, than I'll take some pics and get those on Etsy.
And remember, I will be posting dog/cat beads on Etsy this weekend.


Spirited Earth said...

I love cats..but there is just something so funny about dogs.
maybe a 4 dog to 2 cat ratio?
i really like the spotted dogs..cute cute.

Kella said...

Your whimsical beads always put a smile on my face.

kimberly Roberts said...

those cat and dog beads are FABULOUS!!!
is the dog bowl a bead as well? cant wait til they are on etsy :)

Corie said...

DOGS, DOGS and more DOGS! They have so much more personality than cats.

Maria said...

Thanks everyone! It sounds like people prefer the dogs!

Kimberly, no the dog food is not a bead. I got it at a miniature show.

Janet said...

I Vote for the dogs too Maria!
The unneutered ones to lol!

tina e said...

I want cats. I love the calico but it didn't make it to etsy. My Cece is a calico, but is more black than white. I would buy onelike that.