Thursday, April 8, 2010


designofthemonth 570 (600 x 714)

designofthemonth 571 (600 x 484)

designofthemonth 575 (600 x 445)

Last week when I found a stray dog wondering the streets. I placed signs around the neighborhood, called the pound and left my number, called all the local vets, placed a ad in Lost & Found. But apparently someone dumped him, because no one has called to claim him (I know sad, he is such a sweet dog) A friend of ours does a lot volunteering for a no-kill shelter in Fresno and was kind enough to take him in.

I wanted to show my appreciation...She transports small dogs up to the OR and WA area because of the over population here in CA and the need (want) for small dogs up there. So I made a her a key-ring for the van she uses. I hope she likes it...and yes, this will be the shelter I will be donating a portion of each sale of the dog & cat beads this month.
Update-I've received a few emails about the above keyring. Sorry it is not available, it was a gift for our friend.
But I will have a couple un-neutered dogs coming in the following days on Etsy. Thanks