Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet weekend

strawberry 009

strawberry 001

strawberry 011

This weekend I picked up some sweet berries from my favorite berry stand. It's my favorite because they also carry sweet peas, love them!

designofthemonth 748
With two more weeks to go of The Design of the Month, my question is...
What would you like to see?
1-Dogs with tongues (posted the one above yesterday)
2-Male dogs (with all their parts)
3-More kitties
4-Something else (let me know what)
5-Really could care less...
You can send me a email or leave a comment on this post.

A little note...
Wednesday, 21st is Molly's birthday and the person who buys that days dog bead (which will be a gray Chihuahua) will get a extra little something in your package (a surprise, but fun)

Then on Thursday, 22nd (Earth day) I have something fun...I'll post a picture of that days bead on my blog in the morning and then put it on Etsy later that day...