Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Bee

Putting together bee boxes

Oh sugar snap pea green

and lavender too

I think the bees will like their new home

making the pad

Molly supervising

Molly helping

Molly helping

Adding her signature

Adding her signature

I spent the weekend getting ready for my bees. Painted the hives, poured a little pad for them to sit on. Molly even helped...Next week I'll place the hives in place and the following week my bees will arrive! Sweet! There are a few more pics on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Miss Molly is my super hero! She can do anything and everything!

Norma said...

Love the colors. Is that your workshop in the background? I love, love, love it! Miss Molly is very photogenic :-)

BahamaDawn said...

LOVE the colors you painted the bee houses :)

dogmom said...

I LOVE the photos of Miss Molly helping out! She's just too adorable:o)

Jackie, Max & Sadie

Maria said...

Thanks! I think the bees will like their new home (fingers crossed)

Norma, the shed in the background is where I use to sell my handmade soaps many many moons ago. Now it's used as a potting shed.

Kella said...

Are you joking me lime green and lilac hives, what funky colours.

Those bees are going to be the rockers of the honey club.

judyincarefree said...

Great spring colors and a cute Miss Molly!

Malin de Koning said...

I love your assistant!
My first time on your blog. Saw you on bead soup party on flickr. I plan to join the next one. I really like the bumble bee you sent to Lorelei and that bunny you added to her soup. So i will check your shop too.
All my best