Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Stop Motion T-Shirt War - Watch more Funny Videos

And the winner is....

fish 036 (600 x 563)

I added up all the pieces of my new cookware...All eleven (the 3-piece bowl set was $7.99) and the last item was a gift for someone. So the grand total for all eleven pieces was....


Now do you see why I LOVE HomeGoods! $67.91 for 11-pieces of stoneware!

And the winner is...Corie. Who guessed $67.00

Email me at with your mailing address Corie, and I'll be sending you something fun! Thanks for playing along everyone.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Seeing dots...

fish 031 (600 x 450)

fish 033 (600 x 403)

Lots of dots...

I have a love/hate relationship with a certain store. I go in looking for something (in this case a rug for my studio) and I ALWAYS walkout with more than I was looking for. Although I really don't need new baking dishes, when I saw these I knew I had to have them. But really how could I not fall in love with these polka dot dishes in my favorite color. Although they were not on sale, I thought they were a good price. Can you guess how much all eleven (11) pieces were?

Go ahead and leave a comment below (please include your name in your comment) with how much all eleven pieces were (no need to add tax) and the person who is the closest will win a little something from me (beads) PLEASE ONE COMMENT PER PERSON, thanks

But hurry, you have until Wednesday the 24th 10am (West coast-time)

Good Luck! xo

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring has sprung

website 2072 (600 x 367)

website 2081 (600 x 494)

We have been getting a preview of Spring this week with the almost 70 degree weather. It was so nice, I opened my studio door & windows and let the warm breeze in. Needless to say, I made Spring beads...It will soon end though, as we have rain in the forecast this weekend. But it was nice while it lasted.

I'll have some new Spring things on my site today, in honor of Spring being right around the corner...


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fall into Spring

molly 920 (600 x 450)

This is the reason I get non-orange pumpkins.
I get to enjoy them in the Spring too, many months after Halloween has come and gone...

In bead news, I'll have a couple new "Springy" things tomorrow on my website.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My burnin LOVE

pmc 308 (600 x 302)

For Valentine's Day I wanted to make my Valentine something, a bead.
But something he would like...
So I made a bunch of "Fire" beads and picked the one I liked the best (not the one above, that's one of the extras) and made it into a keyring. I wanted to present it on a card so I came up with lots of ideas...Here are just a few...
Front of card: "Our Love..."Inside of card: "is smokin' Hot"
Front of card: "Come on Baby" Inside of card: "Light my Fire"
Front of card: "Whole Lotta" Inside of card: "Burnin' LOVE"
Front of card: "Our Love" Inside of card: "Will burn for eternity"
What sayings can you come up with?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bee Busy

pmc 248 (500 x 493)

I've been busy as a bee lately, trying to wrap up a few different projects I've been working on.
I managed to put a few new things on my site...This is my favorite, with the little buzzing bees and the freshwater pearl dangles. Yes, I'll be making a pair for myself and wear them while tending to my bees this Spring...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Muffin Morning...

muffins 002 (600 x 450)

muffins 006 (600 x 450)

This weekend I tried a new recipe for these multigrain English muffins.
I had mine with Marmalade and the Pomegranate jelly I made for the holidays.
I thought it was funny that you don't bake them, but you cook them on the griddle.
Very easy and tasty too!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the winner is...

beadsoupparty 047 (450 x 416)

First, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by my Bead Soup Party.
I had so much fun visiting with all of you (I hope I didn't miss anyone?)
Everyone's "soup" was delicious!

So without further ado...the random winner of the Follow your Heart Necklace is...
Lisa Graf
Lisa, just email me your mailing address and I'll get your necklace in the mail.
Thanks again...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My List

I'm hoping to check off a few more things on my to-do list this weekend.

*Buy a couple new fish for my tank
*Make english muffins (from scratch)
*Clean my car
*Start putting bee boxes together
*Order seeds for garden
*Make a gift for my dad's birthday
*Wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day
*Give Molly a bath
*Torch time (Spring beads)
*Draw a winner for the "Follow your Heart" necklace (Sunday)
*Buy a red rug for the kitchen
*Fire PMC pieces
*Make a Valentine card for Kurt
*Place an order (PMC, glass, packing supplies)
*Clean studio

Hope you have a ♥ filled weekend...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bead Soup Party

A few weeks ago I joined Lori's Bead Soup Party.

Everyone got paired up with someone and we exchanged beads (A focal bead, a clasp and a few spacer beads) My partner was Lorelei from Lorelei Designs, she sent me this wonderful selection of beads (soup mix)

beadsoupparty 006 (400 x 203)
The rules, you have to use the focal bead and the clasp.

So now it was time to get cookin' is the recipe I came up with...
The rules, you have to use the focal bead and the clasp.

So now it was time to get cookin' is the recipe I came up with...

beadsoupparty 022 (550 x 346)

1- Start by adding 1/4 teaspoon Spring Bunny, Green Dream Leaf and Cabbage. Stir over low heat.

beadsoupparty 017 (550 x 353)
2-Add Beach Pebbles and saute' over low heat for 3o minutes.

beadsoupparty 024 (550 x 367)
3-Remove from heat.
Alternating with the freshwater pearls and the amethyst chips, slowly fold into soup.

4-Simmer for 15 minutes over low flame.

5-After 15 minutes, remove from heat. Add a dash whimsy and stir until incorporated. Simmer over low heat for 2 hours.

beadsoupparty 019 (550 x 345)
6-While soup is simmering, place the flower beads on work surface and knead in a little thought. Add the PMC charm, continue to knead. Add mixture to soup and continue to simmer.

This step will take awhile, so be patient.

7-After the soup has simmered for a couple weeks, remove from heat, add a dash sterling beads until dissolved. Garnish with a yummy silver clasp and serve.

beadsoupparty 027 (600 x 699)beadsoupparty 053 (600 x 454)

Bon Appetit

Again I'd like to say thank you to Lorelei for sending me this yummy soup mix and Lori for hosting such a fun party!

And because it's not a party without a Party Favor Give-Away, right?
I'm giving away this Follow your Heart Pendant.

beadsoupparty 047 (450 x 416)
(Sterling Silver & Lampwork Heart Necklace, made by me)

To enter, go ahead and follow this blog by clicking the "follow" on the right. I'll be announcing a winner February 14th.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you win!
Don't forget to check back by on the the 14th though, to see if you are the winner...
Good Luck!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's simmering...

(Borrowed photo from Flickr)

My Bead Soup is simmering for the party...
It will be ready this Wednesday.
I can't wait to show you...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fairy Doors and Houses too...

The Acorn Lodge

The Acorn Lodge

I've added a couple new Fairy Doors and Houses too, on my website. I hope you'll enjoy them...
I made my first "hinged" door last week, a little nerve racking as I've heard sometime hinges will collapse during the firing. So I squealed like a little girl when I opened the kiln door and saw they did not collapse!
Have a Happy Weekend

Friday, February 5, 2010

The DOTM (#2)

designofthemonth 402 (400 x 308)

designofthemonth 411 (400 x 314)
First I have to apologize...February's Design of the Month has SOLD OUT. I thought I had ordered plenty of supplies for it, but the necklaces turned out to be very popular! I'm sorry...

But I'm offering something else that I think you'll like too...Sweet little tiny heart earrings. I personally love small earrings. If you'd like to order a pair, you can head on over here and check them out.

I also have received a few emails about the Fairy Doors and Houses. Asking if I'll offer them at different times (including weekends & evening hours) so the people who work (out of the home) can see them too. So that being said, I do have a couple new things that I'll be offering this weekend. Because I'm not sure what my weekend plans are yet, I'm not sure if it will be on Saturday or Sunday...but I'm going to shoot for Saturday. What will I be offering? I have 2-new fairy doors, something for the dog lover and 2-new fairy houses...

Also, today is the last day to take advantage of the sale going on in my Etsy store.
Have a great weekend...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I love a good sale, don't you?
So I put everything in my Etsy store on sale (for 3-days only)
Fun, Fun, Fun

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Delivery = Playing

website 2058 (500 x 333)

Heading up to the studio with my delivery I received yesterday...
I have lots of ideas racing around in my head. Now I hope they will transpire into something fun!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Last call...

heartsforhaiti 058 (500 x 400)

heartsforhaiti 061 (500 x 482)

I've been struggling with my photos lately...I think their are just too many buttons to play with on my camera for this very low tech girl (me)
This weekend, Anthony gave me some pointers and loaned me one of his lenses to play with. So I could not wait to play. I re-took the pictures of the Hearts for Haiti Bracelets, which I think turn out better (scroll down for the other photos) what do you think? Better?

Remember the bidding will end tomorrow at 2:00pm (West coast time) for the two bracelets that Julie & I made. If you'd like to place a bid or just take a look at the bidding (again, thank you so much for your generous bids everyone!) you can click here for this link.