Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Dad's Day

First the answer for yesterday's post:
"You are intuitive and wise"
Just like my dad :o)

Happy Dad's Day!
We are heading to the coast for Father's day. My sister, Pam and her husband will be joining us at my dad's house for a little get together.
(left to right)
Pam, Dad, Me with all our kitties
I love my face in this picture, looks like I just eat a lemon! Ha

We loved our kitties!
I think I need a pair of new red shoes for Summer, I loved my Keds!

(left to right)
Lynette, Pam, Me
Pam, don't be so serious! lol

My mom was a little confused for awhile, she thought we were twins?

and triplets...

Ta Ta for now...