Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting loaded

As I'm going through the list of Summer books that everyone has suggested... Norma, Stephanie and Linda all suggested Sookie Stackhouse, which is also a series True Blood on HBO. Sadly I don't have HBO, so I thought I would miss out on that one.
But, while at Block Buster this week, there it was, the first season on DVD.
After watching the first two DVD's (3 more to go) I can't wait to listen to the books!
Which are on order now.
Thanks again Linda, Stephanie and Norma!

So as I start loading my iPod with all my Summer reads...
This will be the first (of many)

Which was suggested by my friend Julie. It's the sequel to Chocolat, which I loved!

Then this...Which Judi suggested.
I think it's going to be a great Summer for books!

As for beads, nothing extra this week. I made lots of fish (Design of the Month)
So next week for sure I'll have something new, I'll keep you posted.
We have two more weeks left for the "Where in the World" game. So there is still time to win a ticket for a prize. The grand prize is a bracelet and I'll be making three more pendants which will be given away by a random drawing.

Have a great weekend!