Monday, December 1, 2008

Kittens in Mittens

Happy December!
So many fun things are going to be happening over the next couple weeks here...

-I'll be offering goodies right here on this page! Yup, right here. As soon as I have something fun, I'll add it right here, so don't forget to check back often.

-A friend of mine and I did a challenge together. We picked a theme, we both made beads and those will be going on eBay as soon as I can get them photographed (in a day or two)

-Plus, it's that time of year again, Toys for Tots beads! If you are new to this, for the last 4 years I make the beads, you guys bid on them and all the money raised goes to the Toys for Tots! It's a lot of fun!

-For the month of December, shipping is free, my way of saying thank you.

Now for today's goody...
Once in awhile I'll get an email that says, "I know you love dogs, but what about us cat lovers?"
I too LOVE cats! I really do! Did you know that I have one? I do (Tina) She sort of adopted us (it's a long story)
But I too love while making some new things this year for Winter, I thought about The Three Kittens in Mittens story and decided to give it a try...

~The Kitten in the Mitten Pendant~
Sterling Findings
37mm Long (About 1 5/10")
(free shipping)
SOLD...thank you!