Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!

(my dad, as it started to snow on Christmas morning)
Did everyone have a very merry holiday? We did! It was even a"white" one here as you can see above...which is all just a memory now...
We ate yummy food (too much of course) and what are the holidays without trying the Holiday flavors from Jones soda (pear tree this year)
I must have been a "good" girl this year, no coal.
I received some really nice things...a bird bath for my garden, I eyed it awhile ago and there it was under (next to) the tree! The complete audio book series of Harry Potter, I can't wait to start those! Hand-made bath goodies, I love my baths! Kurt surprised me with a framed picture of Anthony, he had taken the last time we were at the coast (I love it!)
Kurt custom painted me a "scraps the dog" trailer hitch cover for my car (LOVE it!) Lots of gift certificates to my favorite restaurants and coffee place (Starbucks of course) A sterling Chihuahua head pendant from The Magic Zoo (it's the cutest thing) and I can't forget all the yummy cookies (which will take me the whole year to work off my thighs)

We seen our share of moves too, The Day the Earth Stood Still (ok) Seven Pounds (a must see, bring tissues) Benjamin Button (I LOVED IT)
Speaking of tissues, for stocking stuffers this year,

I went to Kleenex and custom made everyone penalized tissue boxes using photo of mine or theirs. Of course I had to make one for myself too, using Miss Molly's pictures with a bright green top of course...

I also saw a trailer for the new movie Coraline, I can't wait!

So do you have something fun and exciting planned to bring in the new year?
I usually can't stay awake until midnight...so when I heard that Neal was in concert on New Years Eve I talked Kurt into getting tickets and I do mean talked him into it, but he came through and got us some great seats. But now I'm wondering what was I thinking? Neal Diamond? I hope we have fun...
I've been working hard behind the scenes on little fairies too (as you can see above) thanks for all the orders and the kind words about the "Design of the Month", I too think it will be fun! I'll be putting the first batch in the mail before I leave on a short road trip, where am I going? I have no idea...really! North, East, South or West, ok...probably not West...but with all the crazy weather I'm not sure which way we'll be going, it will be an adventure I'm sure...I'll bring my computer, so I'm hoping I'll have "daily" post cards from the road.

So until then, Happy New Year Everyone!
Maria xo