Monday, August 3, 2009

This and That

I'm back home now...
My sister, Pam is now helping my dad out.
And then my dad will be paroled! Ha!

(Me left, Pam right)
It was a busy week, with Dr. appointments, making Tide Pool Pendants (which turned out really cute) cooking healthy tasty meals and just spending time visiting...
Kurt even came down and we painted part of my dad's house (outside) which actually went pretty fast. Nothing looks better than a fresh coat of paint...

I must admit, in the past I was not a very good label reader.
I depended on the packaging, looking for things that said, low fat and such.
Over the last few weeks I've been doing more, like actually reading the nutrition facts.
I've realized you can't just read the front of the package, you MUST turn that package over and read the little white box of nutrition facts.
This little book is full of fun facts about the foods we love! Some I knew, but some I did not.

Like I said before, I made lots of Tide Pool Pendant while I was away, I just need to photograph them now. I'll be putting some on my website today and the rest I'll put in my Etsy store, today at 6:00pm.