Monday, August 31, 2009

It goes by so fast...

Why do they go by so fast?
We had a nice time...sleeping in, walking MILES and MILES on the beach, eating good food, exploring and finding LOTS of Moonstones.

We found a bounty of them...these are the ones from this trip! We both love looking for them, it's kind of like gold panning at the beach. Even though they have no real monetary value.

(Below is from a Cambria visitors guide)
What is a Moonstone?
Moonstones are named after the beautiful translucent stones found on Cambria's beaches.
Moonstones or chalcedony is formed in the earth by patient dripping water through the ages. It is swept down the streams into the ocean where it is tumbled and polished by the turbulent surf along the rocky coast.
The ancient Greeks believed the stone to arouse the most tender of passions and were convinced that the stone foretold the future and could guide a person in making decisions.
Cambria Moonstones are also called quartz agates.

Over the years of collecting them, we have gathered quite a few. Which I keep in a glass jar, so I can look at them whenever I'm missing the coast.

We also found some cool rocks and shells (these are just a few)

And hearts too.It feels good to be home (except for the piles of sandy clothes waiting for me in the laundry room) But, I feel rejuvenated and ready to hit the studio! Which will be today. I'm re-making a few things that sold before the shopping carts updated, plus I'll take a picture of the new Design of the Month for September. Which I'll post tomorrow.

But first I'm going to make Kurt's favorite cheesecake because it's some body's birthday today!

Happy Birthday Kurt!
(even though he never reads my blog)
Which is a good thing!