Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Monday

It was a very fun weekend.
We went up to visit Anthony on Saturday, went to lunch at the Piano Cafe, and then went to Forte' for dessert.
Forte' is a frozen yogurt shop. It's self serve and they charge by the ounce. They had some great flavors too! I picked two, pistachio and green tea with chocolate sprinkles and coconut flakes. We talked with the owner a bit, nice guy. Can't wait to go back...

Great news, we found a foster mom who works with our local SPCA.
She came over last night and picked up the kitties. Super nice lady, who lives on 10 (fenced) acres. She is a Realtor in town and knows lots of people. So she thinks she'll be able to find a good home for kitties. If not, she said they are welcome to stay with her for as long as they like!
If we ever sale our home, I'm calling her! What a great person...

Today it's back to work, I'm so behind on my emails! So I'll be working on answering those first, then I'm working on special orders this week.

Oh, if you'd like to place a VOTE for Molly, she'd be so grateful!
Just type in Maria Grimes in the search box and then click on Molly's picture and then vote from 1 to 5 stars (hopefully 5)
If Molly does win, I'm going to have to think of something fun that I can do for all of you!

Have a great Monday!