Friday, August 5, 2011

End of the roll (so to speak )

A few random shots from last week (vacation)...

Jerky Store
Molly waiting for Kurt to come out of the jerky store (Cattaneo Bros. in SLO is the best! I like the honey pineapple turkey)
We found this fun nursery years ago. We go back every time we go to the coast.
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty
They have a couple kitties there too!
Fairy Doors
And Fairy doors! Which reminded me of the Fairy Doors I make.
Fairy Door
Window Display
The window display at a garden store.  Of course I loved it!!! buzzzzzzzzzzzz
cambriajuly2011 104
One day we ventured over to Morro Bay and found a crowd at a little hot dog stand (Hot Dogs on Harbor) so we gave it a try.  We both got the Chicago dog (yum) and Kurt had to try the Waffle Dog. He gave it two thumbs up.

We are heading up to Yosemite this weekend to go hiking. (we are training for our Half Dome hike in Sept.) There have been some horrible accidents up there over the last few weeks. With 3 people going over the waterfall and then last weekend someone fell off Half Dome as she was coming down the cables. It's sad, as none the these deaths should have happened. People climbed over fencing to wade in the water and climbed the cables when it's advised not to when it's wet (it was raining there last weekend)

Have a fun weekend!