Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to reality

cambriajuly2011 002

Last week we came across this cute little old school house.

cambriajuly2011 010

Patricia Griffin's studio/gallery

cambriajuly2011 009

I loved her clay creations...

cambriajuly2011 005

cambriajuly2011 003

Bunny Salt Shaker

I bought one of her one hole salt shakers. A bunny one of course.

It felt good having some down time this last week...sleeping in, eating breakfast at noon (we only did that once) walks around town after everything closed at 5:00pm (love small towns) treasure hunts for moonstones (we still need to go through them to see who won. The biggest, the prettiest and who got the most. But I already know I won that one!)  

I know I just got back, but I'm taking off again.
My dad is going into the hospital for a little procedure today, so I wanted to be there.
So off to Santa Barbara I go.
I'll open up my website store when I return tomorrow...