Monday, February 1, 2010

Last call...

heartsforhaiti 058 (500 x 400)

heartsforhaiti 061 (500 x 482)

I've been struggling with my photos lately...I think their are just too many buttons to play with on my camera for this very low tech girl (me)
This weekend, Anthony gave me some pointers and loaned me one of his lenses to play with. So I could not wait to play. I re-took the pictures of the Hearts for Haiti Bracelets, which I think turn out better (scroll down for the other photos) what do you think? Better?

Remember the bidding will end tomorrow at 2:00pm (West coast time) for the two bracelets that Julie & I made. If you'd like to place a bid or just take a look at the bidding (again, thank you so much for your generous bids everyone!) you can click here for this link.