Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My burnin LOVE

pmc 308 (600 x 302)

For Valentine's Day I wanted to make my Valentine something, a bead.
But something he would like...
So I made a bunch of "Fire" beads and picked the one I liked the best (not the one above, that's one of the extras) and made it into a keyring. I wanted to present it on a card so I came up with lots of ideas...Here are just a few...
Front of card: "Our Love..."Inside of card: "is smokin' Hot"
Front of card: "Come on Baby" Inside of card: "Light my Fire"
Front of card: "Whole Lotta" Inside of card: "Burnin' LOVE"
Front of card: "Our Love" Inside of card: "Will burn for eternity"
What sayings can you come up with?