Monday, October 19, 2009


Five Hours = 300 minutes
October 27th = 300th day of the year (301st in leap year)
Trescientos = 300 in Spanish
HBO = Channel 300 (DISH Network)
Perfect bowling score = 300
Chocolate doughnut = 300 calories
Today's Blog Post = 300th

Today is my 300th post!
I think a giveaway is in order, don't you agree?
All you have to do is leave a comment (just one please)
And I'll have pick the winner.

What will the winner receive?
How about a Carrot Nose Necklace...

giveaway 034 (650 x 506)

I'll give everyone a chance to leave a comment, so you have until Monday October 26th to leave a comment and I'll post the winner on Tuesday October 27th (the 300th day of the year)
Good Luck!