Friday, September 4, 2009


You Don't Know...

I've been busy making lots of Spider Pendants this week! But, yesterday I took a break and went through some photos of past beads I've made and found this one. I completely forgot about Mr. Jack. So I went to the torch and made a couple. This one is for Anthony (my son) because he's coming up this weekend to help me with a photo project I'm working on. And if you know Anthony, he has a great sense of I know he'll love the saying. Plus he's a Jack in the Box lover! I know, it's not my favorite either...
I'll take In n' Out Burger any day! Speaking of In n' Out, which is known for it's simple menu. Did you know they have a secret menu? I personally have never tried ordering anything on the secret menu. I like the single cheese burger with everything on it (grilled onions please). But one day I'm going to give it a try!

Plus, A Happy Birthday to my sister, Pam today!
Who looks as young now as she did in this picture from the 70's! Loved the 70's
Happy Birthday Pam!

Have a great 3-day weekend. I will have some new things on my site next week, maybe even a Jack or two...