Monday, September 21, 2009


If not, what are you waiting for?!
You might even get a free bead from me...
I started something new, every now and again I'll give something fun away...
I might announce, the "next" order placed on my website will get a free bead included in your package. Which I did this weekend. Susan happened to be placing an order when I announced the free bead give away. But Faith was the first person to place an order from my FB friends, so they both got a free Snowgirl beads! Then I announced the next person to leave a comment on my FB wall would get a free Halloween surprise bead. Congrats to Jackie, she won that one!
Because I have customers/friends in different time zones, I'll be mixing up the times I'll post these announcements. I love give I thought this might be a fun!
I think I'll limit the times you can win to once a month...
That way more people will get a chance.
After you sign up on Facebook, don't forget to add me as your friend (so you can see my wall)

It's a busy week here.
I received a lot of Halloween orders over the weekend, which will keep me pretty busy for the rest of the week and probably into next. Plus I'm working on a few custom orders...
Which I'll share pictures of soon.