Monday, September 28, 2009



When they are babies, tiny and small...


Start thinking about the words you'd like to put on them...

pumpkin2009 004 (500 x 333)

I picked boo and Pie anyone...
Then print them out.

pumpkin2009 005 (500 x 333)

Take your printed words out to the garden and
tape them onto your "growing" pumpkins...

pumpkin2009 012 (500 x 333)

pumpkin2009 028 (500 x 333)

With a toothpick or something sharp (I used a lampworking tool of course) poke little holes along the lines (make sure you didn't miss any lines) Now remove the paper and connect the dots. Make sure you do not cut very deep into the pumpkin. I just lightly "scuff" the skin, that's all it takes. Don't worry, it will heal.

pumpkin2009 032 (500 x 333)

Now, sit back and watch your pumpkins grow.
As they do, the part you "scuffed" will scar over and grow...making for some fun pumpkins!

pumpkin2009 036 (500 x 333)
Pie anyone...