Thursday, April 23, 2009

Allergy Alert

Let me just say, when we found this little piece of property in my little town (14 years ago) and decided to build our home on it, it was NOT SPRING TIME!
Who in their right mind would build their house under a oak tree?
Now I'm not talking one oak tree...we tucked the back of our house (south facing) next to six large oak trees.
During the hot Summer months these trees give us the much needed shade which helps keep our house a little cooler on those hot Summer days.
We live on almost three acres that are studded with probably 40 oak trees? I've never counted.

So during the Spring (for 2-3 weeks) things look like this. Everything is covered in a thick coat of yellow pollen.

Last weekend while I was out in the garden getting the beds ready for planting, you could see the pollen falling, really...Luckily I'm not affected with allergies...