Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend fun?

Can you guess what I did this weekend?
Here is a little clue...I used this tool (with scary sharp blades)

Then I added a little of this...

Any guesses yet?

How about this picture....(the before)

Can you guess?

I removed WALLPAPER!
Yes, you heard right... wallpaper (don't judge me)
When we built our house 13 years ago, wallpaper was popular. Ha

13 years ago little did I know, you were suppose to seal the drywall before applying wallpaper (who knew, not I)
So after many hours of puncturing wallpaper and then misting it with a mixture of 1/2 fabric softener & 1/2 water (they say it works better than the wallpaper removal stuff) Plus it smells better.

I said, bye bye wallpaper...
Bye bye watering cans, bye bye little shovels, bye bye my little garden in bloom...

Now, Kurt needs to texture the wall and then I'll paint.

I'm thinking white for the bead board, but I haven't decided if I should paint the walls a light grayish blue or a very light pale yellow?

I've got a few days to decide...

decisions, decisions...

We also went to the movies, we saw was pretty good.
Have a great Monday!