Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tag, I'm it...

I've been tagged by Elaine , who makes the cutest tiaras!

The rules of tagging.
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Here are 7 random/weird things about me...
1-I can't handle my feet being dirty, one time we stopped to take pictures and my feet got dusty and I made Kurt stop at the gas station so I could wash them off.

2-I'm dyslexic. I have the hardest time with numbers. Sometimes, when writing I still get my S and C mixed up.

3-I have never taken a lampwork class (but I'd love too)

4-I have an odd routine when it comes to using public restrooms. When washing my hands, I first get the paper towel ready to grab, next turn on the water and wash my hands, Next grab the paper towel I got ready, careful not to touch the dirty faucet, I turn off the water. Now I take the paper towel and I use it to get more paper towels (because after all this my hands are STILL WET!) Now that my hands are dry, I throw the paper towel away right? NOT YET! I will need it to open the bathroom door. Because I see TOO MANY people who do not wash their hands (Gross!) Next I see if I can make 2 points by tossing the towel in the trashcan ( I usually make it) My family thinks this is so weird!

5-I like puppy breath.

6-I have never had a (professional) manicure or pedicure.

7-I've been driving for 32 years (legally) and I have never gotten a ticket! Knock on wood :o)

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