Monday, October 13, 2008

Better than Fair

Last week we went to the fair...
What's the fair without deep fried food, right?

Kurt tried the deep fried Spam (I tried to warn him it was going to be gross!)

I had to get the deep fried cupcake! Which was ok, but tiny!

We got tattoos (henna)

Which last for 3-4 weeks. Which is long enough for me, 5 minutes after getting mine I regretted the one I got! I picked a spider for Halloween. Why didn't I get something cute?
My favorite part was all the animals (of course)

Is this the cleanest cow you've ever seen?

Love this guys hair cut!

All the lambs were in sweaters and not because it was cold ( it's was 75 degrees)

But, the best was the pig races!