Monday, September 1, 2008

The best of both...

Well, some of you already know...we are getting ready to relocate (well sort of)
My husband, Kurt has be offered a wonderful job opportunity painting for one of the top car designers. This means we would have to move to Los Angeles (Huntington Beach)
So we've decided to give it a trial run for 8 weeks. We'll be at the beach during the week and then back here in the mountains on the weekends (the best of both)

I have been putting beads aside over the last few weeks, so I will have beads during this time to put on ebay. I plan on doing some metalsmithing & PMC while I'm at the beach, I'm not sure if the hotel would be keen if I set up my torch and all???

For voters, I have a NEW email address. You can find it on the Greenhouse Goody page, please use this while I'm away.
If you need to contact me for any reason other than voting, I have an email link on my home page (mid/bottom) but please note, it may take awhile for me to respond.

Plus over the next few weeks...
I will only be shipping beads one day a week (Saturday)
All eBay auctions will start on Saturdays (6:00pm, PST) and end on Thursdays (6:00pm, PST)
This will give you a couple days to pay, so I can ship them in a timely manner...thanks

We are both looking forward to this new adventure in our lives...