Tuesday, July 9, 2013

T-Rex...Before and After {part one}

After months and months of working every weekend on our tiny T-Rex, we are finally finished (at least on the inside)
We (ok, mostly Kurt, but I supervised...hehe) gutted everything, redesigned, rebuilt, put up all new walls, new floors and new ceilings.

I remember the first time I saw our little vintage mobile home, it was so sad. I wasn't sure if we could ever make it a place I'd want to visit. But Kurt assured me he could make it a place I'd love. He was right, I love it so much! After spending the last 5-days there, I didn't want to come home, it's my perfect beach getaway.

Because of all the photos, I'll show the rest of our little place in upcoming posts.

-Bathroom Before- 

mobilehome 011 mobilehome 026 MorroBay 001 mobilehome 039 

-Bathroom After-

MorroBay 122 MorroBay 114 MorroBay 125 MorroBay 128