Monday, October 22, 2012


I love the beach.
I dream of having a little beach house of our own one day.
A place we can escape to from time to time...
Where we can take long walks, hear the sea lions at night, a place we can curl up with a good book...
But living in California, this is usually just a dream.
In some CA seaside towns, a teeny tiny little fixer-up usually start in the high $400,000 range, if you can find one that cheap. And when you do, they need A LOT OF WORK! Which means a ton of money.

So when I found a little vintage (1958) Rex Mobile Home a couple months ago, I knew it was for me!
I fondly call it my "T-Rex"
OK, it needs a lot of work! A LOT! But, it has a tiny pink oven! 
Which does not work anymore, but it is super cute! 

Vintage Pink Oven

and the location is perfect...right a cross from the beach...perfect!


So over the next few months, we'll be gutting, building, fixing, redesigning, painting, laying new floors and adding a new deck. My T-Rex is getting a make-over...I'm so excited!