Friday, July 12, 2013

T-Rex...Before and After {part two}

The Bedroom...
  I wish I would have taken more "before" pictures of T-Rex. But, I think you'll get the idea of what we started with...
The nasty mattress was the first thing we tossed! It was sitting under a hole in the ceiling (which leaked when it rained) So we had a new roof put on before we started any work. There were cabinets above the bed area and below in the closet area. We removed both. Because it's a vacation place for us, we don't need a lot of storage. So we opted for shelves and a dresser in the closet area (we still need to install closet doors)
We also have the original screen door (from 1958) for the bedroom, which we will be redoing to look like this.  

~Bedroom Before~
mobilehome 021 MorroBay 008 mobilehome 022 mobilehome 028 

~Bedroom After~

MorroBay 142 MorroBay 145 MorroBay 143

T-Rex, Bathroom (Part One)

I have been receiving emails about the redo of T-Rex.
So in case you are wondering also.

Q-Did you hire people to help you?
A-We hire a company to re-roof it, but we did everything else to keep cost down.

Q-Was it expensive to remodel?
A-We were on a strict budget. We shopped for deals. We found some great ones on Ebay. Like the bathroom sink ($20) We also found some butcher block counter tops that were just a bit more than Formica. I did go over budget on two things. Flooring & kitchen tile (but not a lot)

Q- Are you two moving there full-time?
A- No, I think Kurt & I would drive each other's only 400 sq. feet!

Q- How long have you been working on it?
A- It seems like forever! But we started last December, and worked every weekend (except for two or three) so about 7 months?

Q- Is your husband a contractor by trade?
A- No, he's a custom painter (hot rods & motorcycles) But he can do almost anything (really) he still amazes me!

Q-How did you decide on the colors/design you used?
A-Pinterest! I L.O.V.E. Pinterest, so inspiring! I pinned everything I loved on my Beach Getaway Board.