Monday, August 23, 2010

Who knew?

yosemite 020

yosemite 019

yosemite 018

yosemite 015

Yesterday after hiking, we come back to our car to see that the car next to us was broken into. Not by humans, but by a bear.
When you enter Yosemite, you are made aware NOT to leave coolers or food of any kind in your car. Bears are smart and know that coolers hold yummy treats.

As I looked at the report left on the damaged car by the ranger, I was surprised to see the bear did not do all that damage to get to a left behind cooler, but he was going for the toothpaste. Who knew? Toothpaste.

Most parking lots in the park have bear proof metal boxes for you can store your food/coolers in while you are out exploring. But I had no idea you should also be putting your toothpaste in them to.

Have a great Monday!