Thursday, June 24, 2010

Scuby Dooby Doo

website 3005 (400 x 316)

Scuby Dooby Doo where are you?
Why I'm glad you asked...You can find Scuby with his new diving mask, over on ebay today.
Along with his friend, Max and a couple other things...

website 3020 (400 x 303)

I'll be working on a few large orders over the next few weeks...and I'll try and list a few new things over on ebay when I get a chance. Starting today.

Plus, I listed the Honey Berry Necklace I made (last post) on my website. I still haven't had a chance to see all the pieces everyone came up with for the bead soup party, my internet has been acting up this week. It's like surfing on dial-up...Ruh Roh
But the ones I did see, I was blown away, there are a lot of creative people out there!

I hope your Summer is off to a good start!