Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The BIG TOP comes to town

Last weekend I went into my hives to see how things are going...
Everything is looking sweet! They have been busy little bees! These are the frames I just added a few weeks ago, already drawn out comb and are filling them with honey.

beekeeping 254 (650 x 488)

beekeeping 256 (650 x 488)

We even saw a new bee emerging from her cell. Very cool.

beekeeping 243 (650 x 488)

beekeeping 245 (650 x 488)

Yesterday while out in the garden, I could here the bees buzzing (more than normal)
So I went to investigate...I saw my first bee beard. No, not this guy! I found this photo on Flickr.

I saw this...

beekeeping 259 (650 x 488)

It was a very warm day here yesterday and the bees bearded (sit on the outside of their hive) They do this when the hive gets to warm inside. It's like when people sit on their front porches on those warm Summer evenings.

beekeeping 260 (450 x 600)

Once the sun went down and cooled off, they all made their way back inside.

This morning I added more ventilation spacers to the hives and placed my easy-up over them until I get them some shade cloth for them.

beekeeping 271 (650 x 488)

It looks like the Bee Circus has come to town...