Friday, November 6, 2009

Let it Snow?

Let it Snow

This week I've been trying to get into a holiday mood. It sure does not help when it's been hovering around 80 degrees though...So to help things along I cranked up the AC and most of what I have been working on has had a "snow" theme. This bracelet is ready to go, so if you are interested, it's on my site.

Say Cheese

I also made Anthony (son) a little something...This weekend is his first solo wedding photo shoot. Although I know he's a little nervous, I know he'll do great job! In case you can't tell, that is a piece of cheese...

I have NOT heard back from our winner of the 300 blog giveaway and I have no way to contact her. So if you know Susan B. let her know she has won something (Carrot Nose Necklace) on my blog and to contact me ASAP. If I don't hear back from her soon, I'll pick a new winner...

Plus, there is still time to put your name in for the Mother's Cookie Giveaway, which ends next Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!