Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hangin in

Greetings from Santa Barbara...
It's been a crazy week, to say the least. My sister Pam (from Arizona) and I took my dad into the hospital last Wednesday for a procedure that turned into be much more. They (the doctors) ended up having to do a quadruple bypass on him.
My dad is doing pretty good and we are counting our blessings because the outcome could have been much worse. I wanted to thank everyone for your kind words and your positive thoughts.
We are hoping my dad will be coming home in a few days. Once he does, he will need to have someone with him for at least 4 weeks. My other sister Lynette (from Texas) is flying in tomorrow and will be staying for two weeks. So between the three of us (doing shifts) my dad will be getting excellent care.

I should be heading back home sometime next week (probably Wednesday or Thursday)
If you have ordered the Design of the Month, those will be the orders I will be working on first. I did move the completion date back to 14-days (or more) Plus, during my last update on my website a few of the Tide Pool Pendants sold twice. (shopping carts didn't update fast enough) so I'll be working on those too. So I should have all of those completed and mailed out before my next shift to come back to S.B.
Thanks again for your kind emails...