Monday, July 6, 2009

Design of the Month (July)

Better late than never...right?
This month's design is all about the beach. For me,
Summer = The Beach
So this month's design is something lite...after all who wants to wear heavy jewelry when it's warm/hot?
Not I...
So I paired lightly etched glass beads (sea glass) with a freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystal on a dainty sterling chain.
You can check them out here
I also added a few more Tide Pool Pendants on the jewelry page, if you were looking for those.

On another note...
About a month ago while my dad was going through a medical procedure, they found that something was wrong with his heart. This Wednesday he goes into the hospital to get things fixed, hopefully as good as new. I'm heading down tomorrow to be with him for a couple days.
I'm taking along lots of beads (that I made over the weekend) so I'll be working on the Design of the Month while there. I'll have limited Internet access, so I'll return emails when I get home. Please keep my dad in your thoughts...