Monday, February 16, 2009

Black and White with hearts

When is a color picture, black and white? When it's a picture of a zebra...
Anthony just updated his Esty store with a few new photos.

For "Heart" day Kurt wanted to cook me dinner, something he never does! ok, he's the King of the BBQ, but never steps in to "my" kitchen. The menu was beef wellington with risotto (one of my favorites) he wanted to do everything from finding the recipe to shopping to serving...I was even banned from the kitchen...I was surprised to see how well he navigated his way around the kitchen, from the Cuisinart to the oven. Kurt's the guy who can't find the cheese grater on a good day. So how did it turn out? So yummy and perfectly cooked I might add!
Everything turned out so good, I told him he's not foolin me anymore, he can COOK!

I asked him, where did you find the recipe? He said Ramsay! Ha