Monday, February 9, 2009

2-D vs. 3-D

My vote is 3-D!
Oh Coraline, you were worth the wait!
Although I'm sure the movie would have been great in 2-D...3-D was magical!
Plus, it's always fun wearing those fun glasses...
I was so excited, I ordered the book this morning. Which I hear is much scarier than the movie.

I also ordered Neil Gaiman's newer one, Graveyard. Which I hear is also being made into a movie. I hope it will be a 3-D.

It was a full weekend with the car show in Sacramento. I made a side trip over to Arrow Springs to pick up some glass I was out of (white) which they were out of too! How can that be? That's like a bakery running out of flour! But I did pick up some new colors, so I'm looking forward to playing with those.
Last night I left Sac a couple hours before Kurt, I hate driving late at night. Plus, I heard a storm was coming in. I made it home just before the snow started falling...
This morning there is a thick blanket of fresh fallen white stuff covering everything...Molly's cuddled up next to the wood stove and I'm thinking it's the perfect day to make a pot of soup, stay in my pj's and do nothing...hope you have a great Monday too!