Monday, March 24, 2014

Enjoying The Salty Air

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We've been spending lots of time by the sea (every spare moment actually)
Putting the finishing touches on T-Rex.
I think we are done! Wow, it feels good to say that!
Kurt built the cutest deck for it, look at the "starfish"gate! Love it!
We were able to save the original door bell and used it for the gate. Ding Dong 

After spending the last year working on it, we've been having fun playing tourist.
1- Spring Blooms (love the Poppies)
2- The Captain and his Mermaid
3- I'm going to make a Pressed Penny Souvenir bracelet for myself 
4- Molly loves spying on our neighbors!
5- People playing Chess 
(There is a giant chess board in town, plus small chess boards around it. One day I want to play Kurt)