Tuesday, October 30, 2012

quarter of a century

Photo by mariagrimes Photo by mariagrimes

25 years ago we had our one and only child, Anthony.

I remember telling Kurt (months before he was born) I wanted to get the newspaper of the day he was born.
Thinking he would like to know the happenings on the day he was born.

Anthony was born Oct. 30 (11:12pm)
Being the great husband/father Kurt is, he went out in the wee hours looking for the Oct. 30th  newspapers (4 different ones, including the town he was born in) before they were replaced.
Anthony never knew we had them, we gave them to him this weekend when we celebrated his 25th birthday. It was fun seeing how things were 25 years ago. Anthony was surprised the cost of a new car back then, the good old days! Ha

Happy Birthday Anthony!