Friday, October 21, 2011

An Amazing Harvest

The Havest

ok, you maybe thinking amazing harvest? 4 pumpkins, really?
But what if I told you I did not plant pumpkins this year...not one!
These pumpkins sprouted in the garden after I added my compost which contained all the garden recyclables from last year. Instead of plucking the sprouts when they sprouted in my tomato patch, I decided to let them do their thang. Although each vine only produced one pumpkin each, it turned out each vine was a different variety, which was pretty cool...
Left to right-Long Island Cheese, Jarrahdale, Kakai, Winter Luxury.

 A week in review...
Lots of snuggling with Molly (she REALLY missed me being gone for only 2 days, silly dog)
Working on cleaning the studio (WOW it looks like a hurricane went through, shows can do that)
Managed to give myself a black eye (fell face first on the tile floor, OUCH)
Canned the rest of my tomatoes from the garden (it was a great crop this year)

P.S. if you know of a good under eye concealer, I'd love to know. Mine just makes my black eye a light bluish gray color. Which might look good for Halloween, but not going to the grocery store.

I added a few Fall acorns to my site.