Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday {and the winner}

Bunny Ears
Molly wishing you a Happy Easter

I was surprised that everyone got so many of yesterday's game guesses correct! REALLY!
Especially #7, which I just thew in at the last minute for fun, not thinking anyone would get!
Thanks everyone for playing along and the birthday wishes...  

The answers to yesterday's game.

1. What breed of dog am I?

2. Am I a boy or a girl?

3. What color am I?
Blue, Gray or Blue with dobie markings (I would have taken them all)

4. How old am I today?
8 years

5. What is my official job title?
Shipping & receiving (see right sidebar->)

6. Whenever I go to Starbucks, mom always gets me this, _____.
Whip Cream (just a little)

7. In 2006, my mug (face) appeared in print in, ______.
Corina's Crazy Critters 2006 Calendar (April 9th-15th)

There were TWO people who got all the answers right! Congrats to them!
So I put their names in the (dog) bowl and had Kurt (hubby) pick one.
And the one he picked (the winner) is...
Send me your mailing address so I can get your necklace in the mail to you...

And because Norma got them ALL RIGHT also...I'll be sending her a fun little prize too!
So send me your mailing address Norma...

Have a Happy Easter everyone!
I'm looking forward to the Cadbury Mini Eggs (LOVE those!!!)