Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snowed in

Our little town was hit by a snow storm.
Knocking out power to 13,000 of us (the whole town)
There are downed trees everywhere...
They even have closed Yosemite.
They are starting to bring back power very slowly. Starting with town first.
I'm at Starbucks right now, which was one of the first places to get power.
We were trapped at our house all day yesterday with a down power pole on one side and a down tree on the other.
The neighborhood got together and moved the power pole (with our cars) so we could get into town to get gas for everyone who have generators (luckily we have a small one)
They are saying it maybe a week or more before our neighborhood gets power as we lost the main power pole that goes into our neighborhood.
We lost lots of trees here, one even fell into our pool. But we thankful that there was no damage to our house.
Unfortunately we are lined up for 2 -3 more storms to come through our area starting tonight with low snow levels again.
Let's hope the forecast is wrong, and we have sunny skies and 70 degree days ahead. We could use it here...