Friday, March 25, 2011

It's like camping

Happy Happy Friday!

You don't realize how much you'll miss something until it's gone.
Like electricity!
This last week it's been kind of like camping (in the snow) here in our little town of 13,000.
Keeping warm by the campfire (in our case a wood stove)
Cooking on an open fire (the BBQ or warming soup on the wood stove)
Sleeping was much nicer though, no sleeping on the hard ground in sleeping bags.

Most of the snow is gone now (little patches here & there) so this weekend we'll start clearing the down trees on our property , including the one that made it's way into the pool.
We are not out of the woods yet though, weather wise. Tonight & tomorrows forecast is more rain & snow. But for now, I'm just doing the happy dance that we have power once again!