Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Customer service


Last week I was in Williams Sonoma, checking out all their new things for the holidays. When I was making my way through the store I came across the pots and pans (my favorite place) As I was looking, a nice young man asked if we needed any help? I say, no thank you we are just looking. He starts to tell me about the pans I'm looking at, I tell him I bought a set years ago and I love them. I then say, when I bought mine I traded out two of the pieces for non-stick (for eggs and such) and the non-stick was starting to come off now. I tell him I've had them for years (about 10 years) so I guess it's time to get a couple new pieces to re-place the non-stick ones.
He says, those pots and pans have a life time warranty. I say, oh I've had mine for at least 10 years or more...and he says, that's ok, just bring them back and we'll give you new ones. Really?
So, that is what I did.
Now that is great customer service!
When you get talked out of buying new pots and they replace them with pretty shiny new ones for free!