Friday, November 19, 2010


HoK_SEMA_2010 32

HoK_SEMA_2010 38

HoK_SEMA_2010 74

HoK_SEMA_2010 12

HoK_SEMA 2010 2

Photos by Anthony

A couple weeks ago while we were in Vegas for the SEMA show, I followed Anthony around after hours when the crowds were long gone. A perk for having a press pass...Because of security and with no press pass of my own, I played "photographer helper" wheeling Anthony's camera gear around (it was on rollers at least)
I'm not really into cars that much, like the motors and stuff. It always cracks me up when guys open the hood of a car and start drooling, really?
But, I can appreciate a nice paint job. So it's not surprising my FAVORITE booth is "House of Kolor" (it is every year)
Because during the show hours you can hardly make your way through their booth because of all the people (let alone see anything) it was a treat to have it all to ourselves...

So what are your weekend plans?
A movie?...Harry Potter!
A Holiday boutique?...I love them...
Working on a jewelry project? too.
Going for a walk or bike ride?...I should be.
Staying home by a cozy fire watching the snowflakes fall? Me too! Weather forecast is snow this weekend, can't wait!

Have a great one, whatever your plans are!