Monday, March 29, 2010

Finders Keepers

piglet 068

This weekend I was going through some drawers, cleaning out...I found some small things that were not worthy of throwing away, but not really worthy of keeping either. Then I thought about the geocaching box Anthony & Maureen have. These things would be perfect for that. Which made me curious to know what kind of things people were I ventured out to poke around...and that's when I found this cute little tiny pewter Piglet. The rules of geocaching are if you take something, you should leave something too. So I took Piglet and I'm going back to leave a baggies of goodies in it's place.
Anthony put a disposable camera in his cache, for people to take there picture when they found it. I was going to get it developed if it was full, but the camera was gone (note to Anthony: Did you take it? I hope so)