Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Winding Down

As my Favorite shows are starting to wind down for the season,
I'm wondering what I'll do now?
Monday=Dancing with the Stars (hope Melissa wins)

Tuesday=American Idol (hope Adam wins)

Wednesday=LOST (I feel so lost half the time)

Thursday=Survivor (I hope J.T.wins)

Sunday=The Housewives

Sunday=The Amazing Race
(which ended last Sunday, I really wanted the mother/son team to win)

I have an idea! Maybe I should be doing more of this? That way there would be some beads over on my site!!! Sorry things are looking so bleak lately...New beads are coming, I promise!

Monday=Make beads
Tuesday=Make beads
Wednesday=Make beads
Thursday=Tidy the Studio
Friday=Clean beads
Saturday=Photograph beads
Sunday=List beads on my site