Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The bee's knees

beefeeder1 beefeeder2

My hives are doing so well...
So well it looks like I'll be pulling some Spring honey again this year (about 20-30 lbs)

I'm always looking for better ways to feed my bees in the early Spring before putting on my honey supers (boxes)...and I think I found it.
Then I first started beekeeping, I tried open container (with bubble wrap floats) resulting in drowned bees (not good!)
Then I tried upside down plastic pails with tiny holes, but the holes would clog or they would drip (making a mess)
Then I found these nifty feeders last Fall.
I LOVE them! 
No mess and no drowned bees!
Plus, they are so easy to keep filled. I sneak out early in the morning (in my p.j's) before the bees are flying and fill them up...
They are the bee's knees!

In "bead" news...I've been busy with a couple large orders. But I'm almost finished.
I had an idea for a new set the other day, so I'm excited to play around a bit at the torch...I'll let you know how it turns out.