Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have a FREE heart

Have a Heart

The new Design of the Month for February is all about FREE HEARTS PENDANTS...

Here's how it works-
-You must spend at least $25.00 or more (not including shipping)
-Offer is only good in my WEBSITE STORE (sorry, not in my etsy store)
-Free Hearts are only available for a short time (hopefully through February)
-There are no secret codes, no boxes to check, just place your order and you'll receive a free lampwork heart pendant when your beads/jewelry arrive!

In other news, this week the post office raised there rates...and raised them they did!
Some went up almost 100%, yes you heard me right 100%
Two places I send a lot of packages to are Canada & Germany. Both of those are now almost double the cost. I use to be surprised when it was cheaper to send a package to Canada, then back East in my own country. Well, those days are now over. I understand they needed to raise their prices, but this was quite a shock!