Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Did everyone survive the holidays?
No matter how organized I try to be, they still sneak up on me.
But we had a nice one, hope you did too!

A couple weeks ago Martha had a giveaway on her blog (I love her soldered goodies) she was introducing her new Custom Pet Silhouette ornaments! 
Well, I had to enter...who wouldn't want a ornament of their pup, right!
And guess what, I WON!!! I know, I feel like I won the lottery!

So first I had to get a side shot of you know who...which was easier said then done.
It took two of us. I went outside (Molly is super nosy) so while Molly was playing i-spy with me...Kurt started snapping away...

molly 1084
no, too far away...

molly 1092
no, blurry...

molly 1109
no Molly, look out the window...

molly 1095
no, need ear tips...

molly 1115
ah just right...

I then sent the picture to Martha and in a few days this arrived...and hung on our tree over the holidays.

website 6064
It's just the sweetest!

website 6065
LOVE it!

website 6066
And look at all the can see the little hairs! 
Thank you again Martha...

Molly is also one of 20 contenders for a Christmas picture contest...(wearing her Santa Baby suit)
If you'd like to vote for her, I know she would love it!
You can vote HERE
I told Molly if she wins, she'll have to have a "fan page" on Facebook! HA!

Here's to a Healthy & Happy 2012!