Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No butts about it


I received a few emails today about the set of beads below (Dog Paddle Party)
One email said "how do you come up with your ideas?" 
Another email said "love the dog butts, you must have a fascination with dog butts"    

I guess I could see why someone might think that...just look at the beads above (which I made years ago) They still make me laugh!
But, I really had no plans on making the dog butts in the set below...I made the dog with the swim-tube last week and I placed him in my bead bowl. When I glanced down at the bowl a couple of days later he was upside down...I thought, how funny! He looks like he got stuck in the swim-float with his feet in the air! So I decided to make a wasn't planned, but I think it made the set!